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Deadly Bloodlines Is Here

DEADLY BLOODLINES is here! Book one in my 'Deadly Series' was released on February 28th. *Throws confetti in the air* Image courtesy of arztsamui at FreeDigitalPhotos.net The story started in my head from 2009. For some authors, that's a long time, but I'm hoping that my time between novels get shorter as I [...]

Advice I’d Give my 16-Year-Old Self

A recent article on LinkedIn got me thinking about what I'd tell my younger self if I could travel back in time. The first thing that came to mind were things like: don't date that guy, or save more money, spend more time writing and learning about the craft. But, after a little more thought, and [...]

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Have you said Thank You?

In an earlier post I talked about goals and remembering the ones you completed that weren't on your original list. That got me thinking about the people in my life. Okay, I also read it on someone's blog. You caught me. :-) The post mentioned remembering to thank the people in our lives. During this time of [...]

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1 Year Anniversary of For the Love of Jazz – 3 Things I Learned

It's hard to believe it's been a year since my first book, For the Love of Jazz, was published. To say it's been an enlightening journey would be an understatement. There have been good things and bad, ups and downs, and challenges and rewards beyond my wildest dreams. Other than wishing I knew then what I [...]

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Self-Publishing – Templates and Checklists. Oh My!

Self-publishing can be a daunting journey which is why I decided to blog about my experience. My hope is to save others from heartache, raised blood pressure levels, and hair loss. :-) In my first post, I started with a simple list. In my last self-publishing post, I talked about writing your bio. This week I'm talking about creating templates [...]

A Home for CayWriters

When I decided to set up a local writing group I had no clue what I was getting myself into. My passion was to help other writers. It had humble beginnings with only a handful of people, most of whom were friends or family. As months passed, the response was wonderful, especially when I decided to [...]

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Victim, Smicktim!

NaNoWriMo is well under way and I'm knee-deep in keeping up with my word count, characters, and plot holes. Just for fun (like I have nothing else to do), I thought I'd talk about the victims in stories, specifically mysteries/thrillers. I don't remember exactly where I heard this (yes, my memory sucks), but someone said that [...]

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NaNoWriMo – Is this the end?

IT'S HERE! The end of NANO! You made it! All that blood, sweat, tears, and missed episodes of your favorite TV shows was worth it, but is it really the end? Image courtesy of Arztsamui at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Heck no! It's just the beginning. Now that the 50K (or how ever many words you managed) is done, here [...]

Mother’s Day is coming, Mother’s Day is coming

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net It happens every year, but somehow it still manages to sneak up on us, or it is just me? Like birthday presents, it's difficult to come up with something unique and original (and not too expensive) every year that shows our love and appreciation for all our mothers [...]

My Haunted Paranormal Home

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at FreeDigitalPhotos.net When I was young and heard the word paranormal, the first image that came to mind was a ghost or someone dressed in white sheets trying to scare their parents. Or maybe that was just me. :-) Now-a-days it has a whole other meaning. There are [...]