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A Deadly Race to the Finish Line

Releasing a book is stressful. What about when the person you hired to help bails while you're in the middle of organizing an event? AAGGHHH! ***Pulls out several strands of hair while running through the streets of Cayman*** Rather than cyber stalk the person or splash nasty comments about them on social media, I decided to chalk the [...]

I had a company inside me. Who knew!

Many of you who follow my blog have heard me talk about my writing group CayWriters. You've followed the journey of it transitioning from a simple monthly writing group to hosting the first event, the Home Grown Book Fair, to taking the plunge and becoming a Facebook group. CayWriters, and me too, is about to take another [...]

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It’s a Paranormal, no a Mystery, no a Romance. No, it’s Jazz Day!

People often ask me where I got the inspiration for my story. I usually answer, while taking a bubble bath and listening to jazz music. Although that's true, it's only part of where the inspiration came from. The original spark or idea did come to me in the bathtub listening to jazz, but as the [...]

Bad Guys, Villains, and Deadly Bloodlines

I love a good bad guy. Who doesn't? One of my favorite bad guys is Colonel Miles Quaritch from Avatar. I can't help but smile when he comes on the screen. Before we get to him, I wanted to tell you where my love of bad guys came from. It's not so much as love, [...]

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My Self-publishing Journey – Getting started

Self-Publishing. I used to think it was a bad word. Something you did because no publisher wanted your book. It was the last  resort and not a direction I wanted for my writing career, but things change. My mind started changing at the last RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference. There were several workshops with authors [...]

My Self-publishing Journey – A Bio What?

Writing a bio. It sounds exciting at first, telling people a little about you (all the good things of course), but when the reality of it sets in, you realize it's not as straight forward as you think. I'm still tweaking mine six months later. What makes writing a biography a challenge? The biggest ones [...]

For the Love of Jazz as a Movie

I love movies! Who doesn't right? So what better way to complete my debut novel than to have it turned into a movie? Don't rush out and get those movie tickets just yet. Although it a goal, it's one I don't plan to pursue strongly until 2015. This post is just for fun. I'm going [...]

Book Fairs – I love them!

Last Saturday I participated in a book fair at the GT Library. What a wonderful experience! I'd never done one before so didn't know what to expect. The book fair was in aid of LIFE (Literacy is for everyone) along with bringing attention to the old GT library and the library's plans for the future. [...]

My Crazy Journey to Space

When I was a little girl I remember wanting to be two things more than anything: a romance writer and the first Caymanian in space. I was blessed to become the first one, but I haven't given up my dream of going in space. Over the years people thought I was crazy to want to [...]