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3 tips for breaking out of your writing comfort zone

Before publishing my first book, I had the crazy idea I'd make a name for myself publishing short stories in magazines and contests. What a  joke! Writing a short story was more challenging than a novel. I had several offers to participate in anthologies, but fear of my limitations with short stories stopped me each time. The last time I was [...]

In the Hammock – Courtney Giardina

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have the lovely, Courtney Giardina, who I met in a wonderful group called the Chick Lit Goddesses. Welcome, Courtney! Before we get started what can my cabana boy get you to drink? Why thank you so much Elke for letting me hang out in the summer breeze with you. A frozen [...]

In the Hammock – Sarah Louise Smith

Welcome and happy Friday! My guest today is the lovely Sarah who I had the pleasure of meeting in the Facebook group Chicklit Goddesses. Welcome Sarah! Before we get started with twenty questions, please tell my sexy cabana boy what you want to drink. I'll have a Bellini please! Nice! I know everyone's eager to get [...]

Rocking the Road for a Cure

Happy Holidays! Okay, it's a little early, but that's okay. One of the important traditions of my family during the holidays, is to remember and help those who are less fortunate or going through a difficult time in their lives. It's the time of year that we dig into our pockets a little deeper to give [...]

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In the Hammock – Zanna Mackenzie

Welcome to da hammock man. Okay, bad welcome. Let me try again. Happy Monday! My guest in the hammock today is Zanna Mackenzie. Before we get started, Zanna, can my sexy cabana boy offer you a cocktail? Cocktail – I don’t know any cocktails!! Can I be cheeky and ask for an orange brandy instead? You're in the islands (virtually [...]