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Summer Is Over

Summer is over. This might be a sad time for teachers, but for parents-especially those working from home-there are no sweeter words. My daughter started kindergarten this week, bringing in a new era. My baby is officially a student. I admit it. I cried a little. My son is clearly NOT thrilled that summer is [...]

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A Year In The Life Of A Writer

In January 2015, my husband decided to change jobs and move from the Cayman Islands-my home for my entire life-to Florida. After freaking out a little, I decided the change was a wonderful opportunity for me and my family. When my husband accepted a job in February 2015, I decided to use the move as the [...]

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How Conferences and Workshops Changed My Writing Career

Growing up as a writer in Grand Cayman was a challenge, especially after leaving high school. Other than an English class at college, writing workshops or book fairs didn't exist in the traditional sense. Published authors were minimal and I couldn't go knocking on Dick Francis's door when he moved to the island. If I wanted [...]

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4 Words that Changed My Life Forever

THE NEWS "We're moving to Florida!" Those were my husband words in February when he decided to get a new job. Although I knew the possibility of him getting a job outside of Grand Cayman was high, part of me hoped he would find one where we lived. When I first heard the words, panic struck [...]

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You didn’t give me money and that’s okay

CayWriters is hosting the 2nd annual book fair. I wanted to go bigger and better this year, providing writers with more promotional options and writing resources, including workshops. Even with amazing sponsors, chances are you'll still need funds, unless you're a star at getting people to throw money and/or free stuff at you--a skill I've yet to learn. Lol! Image courtesy of [...]

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New Name for Cayman Book Fair

CayWriters hosted it's very first book fair in October 2013 for authors in Cayman known as the Home Grown Book Fair. The event's name was recently changed to the Cayman Islands Book Fair. This year's book fair will take place on the 5th and 6th of December 2014 at the Cayman Islands George Town Library, [...]

I had a company inside me. Who knew!

Many of you who follow my blog have heard me talk about my writing group CayWriters. You've followed the journey of it transitioning from a simple monthly writing group to hosting the first event, the Home Grown Book Fair, to taking the plunge and becoming a Facebook group. CayWriters, and me too, is about to take another [...]

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How I made my writing fly

I realized recently I'd been writing articles for a magazine for a few months now, but only mentioned it in passing on my website. Crazy right? Such a momentous event in my writing career and I'd glazed over it. The roundabout way I ended up writing articles is pretty funny. I started with the desire to see my book [...]

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CayWriters On The Move

Saturday March 1st, marked a historical event is the life of my organization, CayWriters. We participated in our first event. Red Sky at Night is an annual event hosted by the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF). Although there were a few hiccups, it was a successful start on the road to CayWriters participating [...]

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A Home for CayWriters

When I decided to set up a local writing group I had no clue what I was getting myself into. My passion was to help other writers. It had humble beginnings with only a handful of people, most of whom were friends or family. As months passed, the response was wonderful, especially when I decided to [...]

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