4 Words that Changed My Life Forever

THE NEWS "We're moving to Florida!" Those were my husband words in February when he decided to get a new job. Although I knew the possibility of him getting a job outside of Grand Cayman was high, part of me hoped he would find one where we lived. When I first heard the words, panic struck [...]

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Spreading the Passion

March 2-6 was reading week at my son's school. First Baptist Christian School invited me to read one of the books they were celebrating, and to speak with students about writing, being an author, and my experiences on the journey to publication. I attended Thursday the 5th, spoke with kids in grades 3-5, and had [...]

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3 benefits of being a romance judge

Earlier this year InD'tale asked me to be a judge for the RONE awards. I wasn't able to participate last year due to writing deadlines, but I was excited to get involved this year. My main reason was to give back to InD'tale Magazine who do so much to help educate and promote authors. The big surprise was the [...]

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Book Fairs – I love them!

Last Saturday I participated in a book fair at the GT Library. What a wonderful experience! I'd never done one before so didn't know what to expect. The book fair was in aid of LIFE (Literacy is for everyone) along with bringing attention to the old GT library and the library's plans for the future. [...]

My Crazy Journey to Space

When I was a little girl I remember wanting to be two things more than anything: a romance writer and the first Caymanian in space. I was blessed to become the first one, but I haven't given up my dream of going in space. Over the years people thought I was crazy to want to [...]

A Buffet of Romance

It's July 1st! Many people are gearing up for Summer, whether it's planning their vacation, or starting it. It's a special time for readers and writers who are planning their Summer reading list. For me, today is the first time my book, For the Love of Jazz, is being promoted as a KDD (Kindle Daily Deal) for [...]

Don’t give your money back

Did you get an e-book settlement? Don’t give them your money back! Traditional publishers raised e-book prices, and the legal system went after them for it. You may have recently gotten notified that you are getting some money back from them. This is your risk-free chance to discover a great book you’ve never read, and [...]

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Have you said Thank You?

In an earlier post I talked about goals and remembering the ones you completed that weren't on your original list. That got me thinking about the people in my life. Okay, I also read it on someone's blog. You caught me. :-) The post mentioned remembering to thank the people in our lives. During this time of [...]

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1 Year Anniversary of For the Love of Jazz – 3 Things I Learned

It's hard to believe it's been a year since my first book, For the Love of Jazz, was published. To say it's been an enlightening journey would be an understatement. There have been good things and bad, ups and downs, and challenges and rewards beyond my wildest dreams. Other than wishing I knew then what I [...]

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