Project Description

Deadly Race (Deadly Series) (Volume 2)

Remy Borden has one goal: Race…and win. Like blinders on a horse, nothing will sidetrack that goal, especially pigheaded men who think the sport of car racing is best suited to a man.

When an injury threatens her upcoming international race—the one she’s worked so hard for—Remy goes postal on the one person who actually cares: Dr. Jackson Wilson.

Jackson deals with bullheaded patients every day, but nothing could have ever prepared him for the feisty Remy Borden. She’s so set on proving herself, she puts her well-being at risk, thwarting Jackson’s determined attempts to keep her safe. Well…as safe as any sexy-as-sin female race car driver can be.

After an accident kills the man who tried to force her out of racing, Remy becomes suspect number one. Between strange accidents plaguing the track and the smoldering attraction for her handsome doctor, Remy has her hands full with more than her steering wheel.

As the duo race to stop a killer, will they do so before Remy becomes the next victim?