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Elke Feuer
Elke Feuer

Some of my highlights

As a kid, I devoured Nancy Drew mysteries before graduating to historical romances in my teens. There was never a time in my life I didn’t want to write, and why my parents gave me a typewriter for my ninth birthday.

I love traveling, and my two amazing kids, who keep me on my toes, coffee (who doesn’t) and checklists.

Writing Life

I planned to write historical and contemporary romances, but fate had other plans when an old story I chose for an online writing class turned into a mystery and my first published book, FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ. Soon after, dead bodies and serial killers started showing up in my stories and I was dragged kicking and screaming into the romantic suspense genre. I was hooked!

Now I write ‘on the edge suspense’ novels sprinkled with romance, mystery, and the occasional paranormal twist. Interested? Check out my BOOKS.

Simon and Schuster acquired my publisher Crimson Romance. Happy dance. Throw confetti. This was an exciting milestone in my writing career, allowing me to be a hybrid author.

In 2015 I started freelance writing full-time. I have articles in Cayman Airways Skies magazine, Cayman Parent, and Visit Cayman. See samples of my work.

Accidental Entrepreneur

I stumbled into entrepreneurship starting CayWriters to connect writers to reach and create a community, but I wanted to do more. 

I wanted writers to experience the joy of being a published writer, so I use the hard lessons I’ve learned to help the writers in my FB Group achieve their own dreams: start writing a book, take their writing to new levels, reach word count goals, and shift out of their comfort zones.

I love to learn, but hate the fluff, so I use checklists, workbooks, and videos to make it easy to implement what you learn.

As a writing strategist, I give you the tools and strategies to: find time in your busy schedule to write, build a story bible (a sexy way of saying outline), and set goals to reach your writing dreams.

Tough love is what you’ll get from me because I know the amazing writer that’s underneath the excuses, self-doubt, and fear. I can help you chisel them out. FIND OUT MORE.

The annual Cayman Islands Book Fair was created to con­nect writers and sim­i­lar artists with each other, their com­mu­nity, and busi­nesses.