5 LONG years have passed! I feel like the meme going around with the lady from the Titanic movie about how much time has passed. While it hasn’t been that long, it has been a minute since I published a book. My latest book, The Renovation, was released on December 15. 

I debated whether to write a blog post, because I’ve been sharing more of my journey on my social media pages, and on my YouTube channel. But, after the pains I went through to add the book to my website, I realized that I’d been neglecting my website, and the readers of my blog, so here I am.

The neglect was not intentional, but more out of embarrassment the more time passed when I had no exciting or interesting news to share. Who wants to read about my car breaking down again, or why I was still editing the same book that was supposed to be published in 2019? I certainly didn’t.

While crappy things happened over the past five years, some amazing stuff happened too:


My parents came for a visit in early 2023. It was the first time since the pandemic that I’d seen them so their three-week visit was very welcomed! 

We moved to Tampa in June and purchased a beautiful townhome in a small quiet community with alligators (only baby ones so far), but that’s nothing new because it’s Florida. Lol!  

I started a new job with MKA International, a construction consulting company. It’s a tight knit group because of the size of the company, which I love. It’s also close to work and there’s no overtime which is a bonus. 

My son is out of school now and spent his first summer as a free man in a 2-month culinary internship in Michigan, fell in love with the place and is making plans to return. Hopefully it’s a very long term plan because I’d miss him! 

My daughter started middle school and is making new friends and loving it. She’s entered that ‘don’t take a picture of me’ phase if you follow me on social media and wonder why there’s less and less photos of her posted there. Lol!

I purchased a new car (2023 Nissan Rogue) with all the bells and whistles and my old car in the shop being repaired in preparation to be handed down to my son. 

We are loving Tampa and looking forward to building a life here whether that’s for a short while or years to come. 


Thankfully I never stopped writing during those five years so the next books won’t take as long to write and publish as this last one. My goal is to publish 3 fiction books in 2024 and 1 nonfiction book. 

I’m branching into a new genre with my next series (contemporary romance with a spiritual undertone) and hope readers will enjoy the books as much as my romantic suspense books. But not to worry, I’m not straying far from suspense because I enjoy writing them too much. 

Thanks for sticking with me for the past 5 years waiting for the new book. It’s only available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited at the moment, but I’m working on the printed book. 

Drum roll….Here it is!


How can a board of director’s seat cause so much trouble?

To acquire her inheritance and a seat on the board of her family’s business, Sharon Donavan must find a husband, a ridiculous tradition she’s not interested in. She’s earned the respect of being on the board, but no one wants her to take a seat. As bad as her workday is, at least she can go home and stare at the cute guy renovating her bathroom.

Danny Stanley’s only plan is to finish this job and move on, but the warm and caring woman peeking out from beneath her cool business exterior surprises him, along with their chemistry. Their relationship escalates when he becomes her bodyguard and then unexpectedly her fiancé. When did his life get so complicated?

Everything is going perfectly until her father drops a bomb: the small print in the contract. As Sharon contemplates the changes, people in her family are dying, and she wonders if everything she’s worked for is worth risking her life.

Sharon and Danny must work to keep her from becoming another tragic headline as their relationship becomes more than just a business arrangement.

The main characters are from my first book For the Love of Jazz, and yes, characters from that book make appearances that are comical as well as serious, but the book is suspenseful. 

Make sure to buy a copy for yourself if you enjoy fake relationships stories with a big heaping of mystery and suspense.