Back in October, I shared the reason for changing my current book. The story had evolved into a series (a recent habit of mine). As I started working on the story, I recognized that my characters’ gifts needed deeper development. Learn more about it in my appearance on the Open Door Podcast.

This meant a lot more research than I realized. In addition, I wanted to write all three books, or at least the first draft of each. The reason is because of the challenges I faced while writing my first book series.

My goal is to publish two books this year and I’m determined to reach this goal, so I shifted my attention to another book I’d written. One that is completed, and only needs editing. That book is The Renovation (working title). The story idea came from my editor who liked the character Danny from my first book FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ, where the main character tries to set him up with her love interests’ ex-fiancé. The setup didn’t happen in the book but was a good place to start with writing their love story. I wasn’t sure they’d be a good fit at first since they’re very different characters. But, after spending time with their backstories, they revealed why they fit despite being from different worlds.

I don’t have a release date, but I’m thinking it’ll be toward the middle or end of the year. Here are some steps I took and will take to make it happen:


I took February to read through the first draft of the book. Although the book was finished, I wasn’t sure what state the first draft was in and how much work would be needed. I was pleasantly surprised to find only a few chapters in the middle needed real work. While reading through the draft, I identified various issues I needed to address and made a list I’ll use when I start doing my 4 phase self-editing.


I like to use a book map to plan how I write a book from start to edited first draft. The map helps me to make sure any deadline dates I choose are feasible and provide specific date for my beta readers and editors and also helps with the next phases: editing and launching the book. This required me to dust off my launch checklists since the book marketing world is forever changing. Not to mention the numerous steps involved.


The next stage for me is to use my 4 phase checklist to self-edit the book. After my self-edit, the book will go to my beta readers, and then two professional editors.  You can follow me on YouTube to find out the behind the scenes of how and why I use a 4 phase edit. If you’re a writer and interested is my start to edited first draft process, you can check out my free resource.

I can’t wait to finish this book and start on the next one. Stay tuned to see which one it’ll be.


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