It’s true! Another new book.

No you aren’t imaging it. I really am publishing another book this close to Persuading Lola. I’m making up for making you wait for three years.

The story idea for Deadly Family started with a dream and my passion for the injustices of trafficking of kids. The sentencing in the Cayman Islands (where I’m from) against people who commit these crimes is atrocious-times as short as four years.

This book is an expression of my anger and disgust for the laws protecting everyone involved in human trafficking except the people trafficked.

The death scenes are violent, graphic, and emotional compared to the other books in the deadly series so if you’ve got a weak stomach this book might not be for you.

The book tells the story of a broken woman with a horrifying past who finds the courage to face the people who ruined her life, save others from the same fate, and risks her heart for a chance at love.


Melanie McLean wants justice for her brother’s murder and won’t let the police brush his death aside, even when other victims surface. But in a small community like Grand Cayman, no one’s talking.

Melanie is forced to relive the night her mother died and confront demons she’s kept hidden for fifteen years when old secrets emerge.

Police Constable, Dominic Johnson is convinced Melanie McLean knows more about the mutilated bodies than she’s letting on, especially when he discovers her jaded past with the police.

Dominic rushes to stop a sadistic killer and convince Melanie to share her secrets before she and everyone connected to her past ends up dead.

Trust doesn’t come easy for Melanie, but Dominic’s passion for justice gives her hope life can be more than lies and betrayal, and that change is possible.

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