The day is here! One I’ve been planning for almost three years. A new book!

The story idea for Persuading Lola was born because readers wanted to hear the story of the ghosts from my first book For The Love of Jazz.

Writing the characters was fun! I fell in love with them while writing the first book, especially because they were the reason behind the original story idea.

Persuading Lola is chock full of family drama and the personal struggles both characters face when they decide to take a chance on love. No easy feat in the 1950s when interracial relationships were frowned upon and even dangerous.


The last thing Jazz singer Lola Johnson wants is a man in her life-no matter how appealing his sexy dimple and boy-next-door charm.

William Pullman wants Lola the moment he sees her on the stage, and he’ll do anything to convince her their racial and social differences don’t matter even in 1959 Chicago.

In a smoky lounge filled with the liberating sounds of music, two souls learn love is colorless and has no boundaries.

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Thanks SO much for your patience! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. You waited three long years for a new book! I promise the next book won’t take so long.

For readers waiting for Deadly Family (book three in the Deadly Series), I didn’t forget you. The release date is October 5th! You can follow my Amazon author page to receive an email alert when the book goes live.

If you haven’t read the other books in the series, both books go on sale September 26th-my birthday-for .99 for Deadly Bloodlines and 1.99 for Deadly Race until October 5th.

I start writing Deadly Rivalry-the final book in the Deadly Series-in November.

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