When you believe everything in your life is settling down, changes and shifts will happen. There’s no escaping it, whether it’s in your business or personal life.

Last year was a pivotal year for me, and this year is determined to keep up.

Earlier this year, my publisher, who was purchased by Simon and Schuster, informed me that the division purchased-Crimson Romance-were being dropped. Say what?!

The email was not only disappointing, but the bottom of my writing world dropped out. I was about to pitch a completed story to my editor, and was in the middle of writing another story. Both stories were spin-offs of my first book For The Love of Jazz which is owned by Simon and Schuster.

Without an agent, and the connection to my editor, who was ‘downsized’, pitching to Simon and Schuster was no longer an option.

A few of the authors requested their book rights, some were returned, while others like me are in limbo. I had planned to be a hybrid author with books traditionally published and self-published, but with the changes, I had to regroup.

Would I pitch a new publisher? Self-publish all my books? Do a bit of both and hope for the best? Did I request my book rights or stay with the publisher and hope they kept my book? I had hard decisions to make, and emotions to work through.

After months of back and forth, and a lot of arguing with myself, I made my decision.

I’ve decided to leave my book with Simon and Schuster-until they give me the boot, and self-publish my other books instead of pitching and praying. While self-publishing is more expensive, I feel it’s the best option for me at the moment.

I might pitch to publishers in the future, but for the moment, self-publishing is the route I’m going. So, for readers who’ve been waiting on new books from me, thanks for your patience. And now a drumroll as I share the new release dates for my books. *drumroll*

Persuading Lola – September 2018

Deadly Family – November 2018

The Christmas Renovation – December 2018

I’m SO excited to release these books and start writing new ones. Thank you so much for staying with me on this journey!

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