New beginnings happen when life doesn’t work out the way you hoped or planned. Those new beginnings can be opportunities, or they can be struggles. I’ve been quiet for the past few months due to some big changes in my personal life. I wasn’t ready to share before, but I am now.


Single again  

On November 17, after 8 years of marriage, my husband and I divorced. No one wants divorce, but when it happened I had a choice to make. I could view it as an end or choose to see it as the opportunity for a new start. I decided to choose the latter, and to focus on my kids, my business, and becoming a better writer and person.

New home

Another big change was finding a new home. I closed on a new apartment the day of the divorce. I involved my kids in picking out the furniture, and other stuff for the new home, so they felt included in this new chapter of our lives. We officially moved in December 1. Just in time for Christmas. I’ll share photos once we’re unpacked and settled.

While I’m sad to end this chapter of my life, I’m excited about the new roads life has in store for me. The good, the bad and the ugly.



I focused on my business to help me get through the difficult months of the divorce proceedings. I outsourced services to help me create, update, and launch products for writers I’ve had on my wish list for a long time, and update my website and social media sites to accommodate those changes. The products created are:

Jumpstart Your Writing Roadmap – A simple 5 step system to get you writing if you’re just starting out, or need a kick in the pants to restart.

Jumpstart Your Writing Routine – An online course that guides you through creating a writing routine to fit your lifestyle so you can accomplish your writing goals.

You can check out everything I’m working on at the CayWriters website.


Writing my books went on the back burner while the products for CayWriters were being created, but they’re still in the works. Here’s what I’m working on:

Deadly Family – The first draft is completed, but there’s still lot of editing needed. The new release date is September 2018.

The Renovation – This story is a spinoff with characters from For the Love of Jazz. It was originally supposed to be a Christmas story, but life happened.

I’m pitching The Renovation and Persuading Lola-another spinoff with characters from For the Love of Jazz-to my publisher so I don’t have release dates at the moment. If all goes well next year, I’ll release three books. I’m super excited, and I know readers who’ve been waiting on these stories are too.

New Stuff

Something that’s been on my wish list for a while now is a readers club. I don’t have a catchy name at the moment, but here are the benefits of being part of the club:

-Reading my books before anyone else.

-Being a beta reader and providing feedback on new books.

-Getting free copies of my books when they’re released.

-Providing book reviews for my new books.

-Participating in giveaways and other fun book release events.

If you enjoy reading and reviewing books-especially my books-I’d love for you to be part of my club. Signup below and get your first FREE BOOK.

2017 has been a grueling year, but I’m grateful for the support of so many friends and family who helped me through it without me loosing my mind, my sense of humor, or my faith and belief in love.