Summer is over. This might be a sad time for teachers, but for parents-especially those working from home-there are no sweeter words.

My daughter started kindergarten this week, bringing in a new era. My baby is officially a student. I admit it. I cried a little.

My son is clearly NOT thrilled that summer is over and his Xbox gaming time finished. Lol!

I work from home, so free and uninterrupted writing time is an exciting prospect. My goals, while still moving forward, have been on simmer while the kids were at home for summer.

This first week has been incredible! It’s amazing what you can accomplish without being interrupt every hour on the hour or less. Lol!

While I enjoyed the summer with my kids doing crafts, playing games, and taking them to the playground, it’s nice to return to a normal work schedule.

I reviewed my big goals, planned the rest of the month, hosted the latest writing sprint in the CayWriters FB Group, and completed a slew of other tasks on my list.

My main goal this week was to submit my book Persuading Lola to my publisher Crimson Romance. The synopsis and query letter were edited more times than I care to admit, but it’s done, and I’m sending the book into the world.

Persuading Lola is the prequel of my book For The Love of Jazz. The book tells William and Lola’s story. They’re the ghosts who created a supernatural connection between the main characters Josie and Patrick.

Two other characters from my first book are getting their own story. Danny-Josie’s best friend and business partner, and Sharon-Patrick’s ex fiancĂ©. Whoot!

The working title is The Christmas Renovation, and is my first Christmas themed story. I hope to release the book this Christmas if things don’t hit the fan between now and November.

Preparations for the 2017 Cayman Islands Book Fair are in full swing for October 28-29. The event includes a book fair at the GT Library with authors selling, signing, and reading from their book, and kid friendly activities.

The writing workshops are hosted at the Art Nest Community studio-an amazing space for all things creative. Find out more.

My newsletter has become a ghost town, but I’m bringing it back to life next month and I’d love for you to join.

Summer is over. School is back in session, and it’s back to work.

Are you happy or sad summer is over?