The middle of the year is almost here. Is it just me or is 2017 zooming by?

In January, I shared my goals for the new year, grouping together my author goals and my business goals. My goals yanked me from my comfort zone, but so far it’s been an adventure. I’m a huge believer in accountability, and why I’m sharing this update.

Publish Deadly Family – November

Editing this book has been challenging as my police connections are no longer as close as a phone call or meet me at the coffee shop away, but I’m optimistic. Once I clarify a few police procedures and send to my beta readers, I’ll be on track to meet the deadline.

Launch Your First 5k – January

I’m happy to say this goal is completed. I originally planned to launch this service three times a year, but changed my mind.

While I loved helping the writers who signed up, the process was extremely time consuming. I also realized I can better serve my writing group with the Jumpstart Your Writing courses.

Write and launch Jumpstart Your Writing Routine – June

The course material and worksheet has been emailed to my editor. I’m going through a sales funnel course this week to help me understand all the steps required to automate the course once it’s launched.

I’m excited to share this resource with writers and help them create a writing routine to fit their lifestyle and reach their goals.

Write and launch Jumpstart Your Writing Goal – September

The outline is completed.

Write Jumpstart Your Author Platform – November

Jumpstart Your Author Platform was a free resource I offered on the CayWriters website, but I wanted to expand it and turn it into an ebook and an online course.

I removed the free download from the CayWriters website and added a new free resource, the Jumpstart Your Writing Roadmap. I printed out the original file and will be combing through all the resources I used to create the original document to help me expand this resource.

The book will come out this year, but the deadline for the course is 2018.

Write Jumpstart Your Story – July

The outline is written and I’ve been compiling the necessary resources to write the course material, create the resources, and all the necessary elements to complete and launch the course.

Write a Christmas story – June

I wrote 30k words of the story during April’s CampNaNoWriMo, and I plan to finish it in June and pitch it to my publisher by August.

Persuading Lola – June

I decided to add this to my list of goals. This story is the prequel to my first published book FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ, and was a free download on my site for a few months. I removed it this month, and once I expand the story, I’m pitching it to my editor in June.

One of the reasons I like to share my goals, other than accountability, is I find sharing my goals helps writers take the writing plunge themselves, as their own goals don’t seem so crazy. At least that’s how the writers in the CayWriters Facebook group have described it. <grin>

There you have it. My progress for 2017 so far. Did you set goals this year? How are you doing? I’d love to hear from you.