Two blog posts in less than a week? Did I get struck by the writing gods? Nope. But wouldn’t that be awesome?!

My WordPress yearly analysis bluntly informed me that my content in 2013 was better than my 2014. Ouch! Thanks for the eye opener WordPress. So, I’m mixing it up with my blog posts this year in a way I hope you’ll find fun and informative.

A slew of posts collected dust on my editorial calendar and my blog journal last year, so I’m brushing them off and sharing them with you. They’ll be a mixture of posts about my business and author journey, and maybe a dash of personal stuff too. Oh yeah, and my books. 🙂

For those of you waiting patiently for book three and four in the Deadly Series, they’re still scheduled for release in 2015. I decided to do a Christmas book (the ghosts’ story from FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ) this year cause I didn’t have enough to do.

Snicker. Snicker. Ahem!

My website will undergo changes I hope will make it easier to find what you love about me (books, blogs, CayWriters, etc.) without scrolling through pages or clicking on a bunch of links to find what you need. Because that million dollar check hasn’t come through from Amazon for my book sales yet (hehe! couldn’t resist), I’ll be doing most of the changes myself, and I’m no tech guru, so thanks for your patience.

I’m excited about the year ahead and pray that my posts will inspire, and encourage you to follow your dreams.