Releasing a book is stressful. What about when the person you hired to help bails while you’re in the middle of organizing an event? AAGGHHH! ***Pulls out several strands of hair while running through the streets of Cayman***

Rather than cyber stalk the person or splash nasty comments about them on social media, I decided to chalk the experience up to life lessons about depending on others and personal growth. Of course I’ll be sharing the details in the new year cause everyone loves hearing about my challenges. Lol!

Back to the good news. Drum roll please!

ElkeFeuer_DeadlyRace_800pxBOOK BLURB

Will Remy achieve her car racing dreams or will an obsessed fan stop her?

Race car driver Remy Borden likes fast things: bikes, cars, and men. Her plans to become the first woman from the Cayman Islands to race internationally gets sidetracked when she’s injured and pulled from the final race because of a fiery confrontation with another driver.

Life goes from bad to worse when the racetrack owner is killed and she’s suspect number one because his death puts her back in the race. But racing again proves difficult when Dr. Jackson Wilson insists she stop racing until she heals, making her wonder if his ‘doctor’s orders’ don’t have ulterior motives-the racetrack owner was his friend.

She and Jackson search for the truth behind the murder when accidents start happening at the racetrack, and an adoring fan gets too close. Soon the simmering attraction between her and Jackson boils over, forcing her to admit Jackson makes her think of a life beyond racing.

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A huge thanks to my fellow awesomesauce authors who blasted the world with news about my book through their websites, and social media sites. I love you guys and couldn’t have done it without you! Therefore, I’m sharing the love by posting their links below. Not only will you find more about my release, but their fabulousness too, whether it’s their books or their website. Enjoy!

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Thank you my lovelies!