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“If you dress shabbily they notice the dress. If you dress impeccably they notice the woman.”

Working Girl is one of my favorite eighties movie and not just because Harrison Ford starred in it. Wink! Wink! Melanie Griffith’s character received this advice and I thought it was perfect for this blog post.

When I started my business CayWriters, I attended meetings and went into offices where the dress code was not a uniform shirt and capris. I love that I can dress so casually for my day job, but as a business owner looking for people to invest, looking shabby was not a good start. My confidence faltered from their glances at my attire and I knew I had to do something. I was sending the wrong message about me. About my brand.

The next day, I rummage through my closet and put my best dress clothes to the front of the closet, and purchased a few items I could mix and match. I noticed a change the very first day. People looked at me differently and even treated me differently. In a good way. When they asked the reason for the change, I proudly said, “I’m dressing for success.”

Part of my brand is encouraging people to follow their dreams and to find their own success. I post inspiring quotes everyday on my Facebook page in hopes someone is moved to act. Now I’m not saying everyone should change the way they dress, but if you do, there is one huge thing you’ll get.


~A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment~ Powerful words, especially for a business owner.

Being a business owner is daunting and there’ll be days when you need every once of self-confidence you can squeeze from yourself to keep your head above the storm and press forward. There’s something about being clothed in professional wear (or whatever gives you confidence) that keeps your ‘get up and go’ going. Whether you travel to work every day or work from home, dressing appropriately will put you in the right frame of mind. A business frame of mind.

Dressing for success isn’t just about other people’s perception of  you, it’s about you and believing that you’re a success. If something as simple as changing what you wear gives your confidence a boost, why not take it?

Professional attire might not have investors throwing money at you, but if they do, you’ll look great next to that giant check. If they don’t, you’ll look great walking away while thinking, “They missed out”, or my favorite, “They’ll be back.”

What are your thoughts about dressing for success? Makes no different or a must.