Many of you who follow my blog have heard me talk about my writing group CayWriters. You’ve followed the journey of it transitioning from a simple monthly writing group to hosting the first event, the Home Grown Book Fair, to taking the plunge and becoming a Facebook group.

CayWriters, and me too, is about to take another big step.

Just recently, CayWriters got a Trade & Business license. To say I squealed and jumped up and down would be an understatement. With the excitement came apprehension, fear, dread, and a whole list of other emotions that might’ve crippled me and made me want to crawl into a dark cave and never come out, if I dwelled on them.

I dreamed of CayWriters becoming a company one day, but I never imagined it happening so soon. I’d updated my business plan and thought I was prepared. Boy was I wrong!

I could fill this blog with advice about the does and don’t, and what to think about before taking the plunge. Look for tips in future posts.

Right now, I’ve decided to bask in the glow of the moment and skip through a meadow of daisies with glee, or since I’m on an island-stroll by the ocean, my feet splashing through the rolling waves in a similar manner to Cher after she spent a night with Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck!


Do you live in Cayman? Are you interesting in writing, or already published? I’d love you to join our growing group. Our next big event is in December. I’ll share more details as we get closer to the date.

If you’re anywhere else in the world, look for CayWriters on the news or at international book fairs.

Soon we’ll be taking over the world. Mawhahah! Wait-did I say that out loud? Why, yes. Yes I did.