I live in the Cayman Islands, and even within our three small islands, there’s different word usage, dialects, and speech patterns.

Caymanians have colorful words and expressions they use for everyday sayings. I wanted to bring that to my Deadly Series and have the sayings shine through the characters and stories. As my critique partner said, “Add a little flavor”. I didn’t however want the dialect or word usage to confuse or overwhelm readers who aren’t familiar with the terms. Neither did I want people to think the  Caymanian language consisted of unrecognizable words and expressions no one understood or could relate to, and the “island” people don’t have a grasp on the English language.

Thankfully, the balance came through the characters. For instance, their Caymanian accents and sayings are stronger when they’re upset or around family members. Who can’t relate to their accent becoming thicker when around hometown family and friends, and using words you might not normally use in polite company or at your workplace? Everyone can, right?

The Caymanian language, especially the sayings, are a fun mixture of life lessons and crazy words I wanted to share with readers, so I decided to create  photos of scenery with Caymanian sayings and asking readers to guess what it means. Here’s an example:


This expression means: Who are you for or who are your parents?

Some sayings are from memory, but others will come these wonderful books by Kevin Goring. Yes, I’m giving kudos to a fellow author and Caymanian. Something I enjoy doing through CayWriters.

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