Today is a monumental day for mixed couples. Loving Day-celebrated because of a ruling in 1967 that allowed mixed couples to marry.

Interracial marriages have been around for years and only became illegal in the US in 1664, but making it illegal didn’t stop people from continuing to get married.

In recent months, mixed couples appeared on TV advertisements and people responded negatively. Seriously? You can’t go anywhere without seeing mixed couples. What’s the difference if it’s on your TV? Don’t like what you see? Change the channel. 🙂

Another area of progress is books. In my teenage years, many moons ago, few stories existed about mixed couples, and none shown on book covers. Today, everyone is writing interracial stories. Why? Because love knows no boundaries, whether there’s a difference in race, color, or social background. The characters in my books are of color and their love interest from another race. In a small way it’s a testament of my experiences with love, and the diversity around me.

I’m not only the product of a mixed marriage, but in a mixed marriage myself. Mixed marriages are nothing new to me as most of my family are in mixed marriages, so it wasn’t strange to me growing up as a child. Being part of two worlds was challenging, but ended up being a positive thing in my life, teaching me tolerance, and appreciating our differences.

Not even fifty-years have passed since interracial marriages became legal in the US. Change is never easy and usually takes a few generations, but no matter the population’s personal preferences or belief’s, those who find love will do as couples in the past did. Live, love, and marry whoever they damn well please.

Photo is of my husband and I on our wedding day May 17, 2009.

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