Before publishing my first book, I had the crazy idea I’d make a name for myself publishing short stories in magazines and contests. What a  joke! Writing a short story was more challenging than a novel.

I had several offers to participate in anthologies, but fear of my limitations with short stories stopped me each time.

The last time I was asked, I saw the proceeds would go to charity so I decided to participate. Immediately, anxiety swirled around me, but I stomped it out and hit the send button before I could change my mind. GULP!

Two seconds later two things struck me. First, I knew nothing about the charity, and second, I’d be working on two writing projects in the same month. A Mothers Day anthology with no story idea, and editing book two in my Deadly Series. YIKES!

Soon, I had palpitations and was reaching for the brown paper bag. With no bag in sight, my only option was to lay my head on my desk and moan for several minutes.

I stared at the floor and remembered one of my 2014 goals was to go out of my writing comfort zone. I’d taken the first step by writing an article for Cayman Airways Skies Magazine and the anthology, A Kind Mad of Courage would be another. SCORE!

Are you looking to get out of your own comfort zone? Here are three tips:

Image courtesy of arztsamui at

Image courtesy of arztsamui at


Opportunities always knock on your door, but instead of panicking and saying no, why not jump in and figure out how you’ll manage after. Pressure situations can force us to another level and bring out the best in ourselves.


There are writers we admire for the work they do. What’s something your favorite author has done that you’d like to do? Do it! The best part? They can offer advice. No need to reinvent the wheel.


Pull out that wish/dream list, the one that’s collecting dust under your bed or in the drawer by your nightstand, and pick one item you’ve always wanted to do. Not sure how to start? The web has lots of resources to help you. You can also reach out to authors in your community, circles or online writing groups.

Did these three tips inspired you to take the plunge? To come out of your writing comfort zone and try something new?

YOU CAN DO IT! *waving virtual pompoms*