When I posted on my Facebook author page that I’d be visiting the hospital to witness an autopsy, I was amazed by the responses which ranged from YUCK to COOL! It’s research for my upcoming book, Deadly Bloodlines. My main character is a police officer and has a few scenes in the morgue with the pathologist and I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, but there was another reason.

I’m fascinated with forensics. Not in the creepy, I like to see bodies dissected way, but what the body can tell you after it dies, how much you learn about the person, and how they died or were killed. Not creepy at all right? LOL!

One interesting thing (there were many) was how many people were in the room and the role they played. We have this image of autopsies from TV, but it was very different. It’s a long, detailed and fascinating process that made me realize why writers (book and TV) leave out so much. All the details would bore people who aren’t interested in forensics, take up a lot of pages and time from the story, and there would be way too many characters.

While I didn’t stay long enough to watch the body cut into pieces (Had to get back to my paying day job.), I did leave my number so I could be at the next one. I definitely plan to stay through the entire process and all the gory details. I didn’t need a mask while I was there, so I’m somewhat comfortable that I won’t lose my lunch when I see the body dissected.

It was clear that I was the first author who’d gone into their morgue, which surprised me as I know many authors who go that extra mile to research their book so the scenes reflect as much reality as possible and so they get a feel of the environment. What about you?