When I decided to set up a local writing group I had no clue what I was getting myself into. My passion was to help other writers. It had humble beginnings with only a handful of people, most of whom were friends or family.

As months passed, the response was wonderful, especially when I decided to organize a book fair. Suddenly my little writing group that I’d given the name CayWriters was morphing into something completely different. I always planned to for it to become more, but years down the line. No such luck for me. LOL! All the wonderful suggestions and questions came rolling in from the writers I interacted with, and soon ideas came of how to not only support local authors, but promote them. It’s been such as exciting time that I wanted to share it. Here’s a little of what’s happened:

  • The writing group moved to its new location to Books and Books at Camana Bay. We used to meet at Cafe del Sol, and although the couches were comfortable, it wasn’t the best environment for sharing your work. Especially if someone happened to want a smoothy or a frappacino at the same time. It’s also nowhere near the bathroom which is a nice added bonus. 🙂


  • We welcomed our very first Cayman celebrity author, Lady Rabia, who talked about the importance of marketing and that it’s never too early to start.


  • The first HOME GROWN Book Fair was held at Camana Bay just outside Books and Books. It hosted 17 local and regional authors and was a great success with connecting local authors to each other and the community. Next year will be even better! Click here if you’d like to find out more, participate in the 2014 event or help with organizing.

I will be posting updates on CayWriters‘ progress and its plans to support and promote Cayman Islands authors.

So tell me,