I love movies! Who doesn’t right? So what better way to complete my debut novel than to have it turned into a movie? Don’t rush out and get those movie tickets just yet. Although it a goal, it’s one I don’t plan to pursue strongly until 2015.

This post is just for fun. I’m going to share with you who’d play my characters, who’d I take to the red carpet premier. For those of you not familiar with my book, FOR THE LOVE OF JAZZ, it’s a romantic suspense with paranormal elements. Here’s the short blurb.

Restoration Architect, Josie Fagan gets more than she bargains for when she agrees to restore an old Chicago home. She’s haunted by ghosts, and stalked by a killer trying to cover up a 50 year-old murder. Click here for more.

They say you should visualize your dreams to make them a reality (and pray a lot) so here is the visual (and blog written) dream for my book.



Josie Fagan (Zoe Saldana) is looking to save her business, but finds more than she bargains for when she takes on the job of restoring Patrick’s home. Zoe’s looks a lot like Josie, but she’d need to cut her hair (or wear a wig) to play the part.

Patrick Pullman (Henry Cavill) discovers he wants more from Josie than her restoring his home. Henry is younger than Patrick by a few years, but that’s where the special effects team comes in.

Secondary Characters

William (Joe Manganiello) is Patrick’s uncle who died of a broken heart after Lola disappeared from his life forever.

Lola (Hallie Berry) is the aunt Josie never knew she had. She’s hanging out at the jazz club waiting for William to die.

Remaining Characters

Danny (Paul Walker), Josie’s best friend and business associate who’s determined to keep Patrick and Josie apart

Gary (James Cromwell) is the family lawyer who is keeping everyone’s secret

Myles (Stephen Lang) Patrick’s father is determined to keep family secrets

Elsa (Helen Mirren) Patrick’s mother who’s more than she seems

Sofia (Georgia Engel) The next door neighbor who saw everything

Pearl (Diane Carroll) The aging singer at the jazz club who has a secret of her own

Joe (Sidney Poitier) The jazz club owner who was in love with Lola


Deciding who to take should be an easy decision because I’m married, but I have an obligation to the actors who played my characters. An obligation to be their escort. What better way to reward them than to be sandwiched between Henry Cavill and Joe Manganiello and have Paul Walker take me to the after party? I think that’s fair don’t you? I’m certain my husband and family would understand completely. 🙂

It’s your turn to share. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MYSTERY MOVIE?