Do you ever wonder how writers come up with the names for their characters?

I’m very picky about my character names and so are my characters. Whenever I choose a character’s name or if I’m lucky and they tell me their names, I look up the meaning to see if it suits them. For instant the meaning of my name, Elke, is noble and kind. Which suits me perfectly. 🙂

I’m writing a four book series (The Deadly Series) which means a lot of characters and names, so I decided to do something a little different this time and get help. On my Facebook page I asked people to like my post for the chance to have their name in one of the books. I couldn’t believe my stroke of luck at getting two names I couldn’t find the meaning of, making them unique. Love that! Makes them perfect my characters who are themselves unique. Here are the names I chose and what books they’ll be in.

Lorraine Carey – Deadly Family

Anita Learned – Deadly Rivalry

Gallard Carpentry Mark – Deadly Bloodlines/Deadly Race – I took two parts of this name. Gallard because I couldn’t find the meaning and Mark which one of my characters really liked.

Kari Ayasha – Deadly Rivalry – The female twin

Lesona Lee Leicher Tait – Deadly Family/Rivalry – I loved that I couldn’t find the meaning of this name anywhere making it unique. I’m still torn between two character from each of these story as they’re both very unique and special characters.

You’re not seeing things. The names in italics are what will be used. Thanks to everyone else for participating! I really appreciated have such a great choice of names to pick from!

Ever read a book and think the character’s name didn’t fit them? I’d love to hear about it.