Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

When I was young and heard the word paranormal, the first image that came to mind was a ghost or someone dressed in white sheets trying to scare their parents. Or maybe that was just me. 🙂 Now-a-days it has a whole other meaning. There are werewolves, vampires, swamp monsters, and things I’d never heard of. Today is Paranormal Day, so I thought I’d share my paranormal encounter.

I bought my first apartment when I was 26. It was a  single story 1 bedroom apartment in a small complex. The neighbors were nice, and with a little work, it became home. About six month after I moved in, I was sleeping when something woke me. When I opened my eyes I saw a dark shadow rummaging through my night stand. My heart raced with fear not at the figure but that I couldn’t move anything but my eyes.

As if reading my mind, the figure looked over at me. Surprise sparkled in the black pits that were its eyes. It moved towards me in slow motion, and as it did its face transformed into the face of the new hot guy at work. It hovered before me and then leaned in with the intention to kiss me. At last my head moved and I shook it, telling it, “There’s no way a fake face is going to make me kiss you, buddy!” It must have gotten the point because it dissolved before me. I startled awake, sitting upright, although slowly. My muscles were sore, as if I’d just run a mile. I looked around quickly but everything was normal again.

I knew I’d been in what I call a lucid dream state where I could see and hear everything around me, but couldn’t move my physical body. I’d done it before, but nothing quite like that. I spent nearly five years in that apartment and had several experiences similar to that one, some even scarier. I didn’t see floating spirits or chain rattling ghosts, but compared to what I did see those would’ve been a nice welcome.

When I submitted my debut novel, For the Love of Jazz for reviews, I was surprised that people considered it a paranormal (or had paranormal elements). It never dawned on my since it didn’t have vampires or the like in it. It was a nice surprise, one I’m sure William and Lola (the ghosts in the story) appreciated. Unlike the scary figures in my encounters, they’re trying to help my heroine solve a murder. They don’t jump out and scare anyone (that much) although they do try to take over the h/h’s bodies…oh wait, I’m starting to make them sound scary. I’ll stop there.

What about you? Have you had a paranormal encounter? How did it make you feel?