Car photosI love fast cars. No, I don’t sit on my couch on Sunday’s watching cars go around a track for hours. That’s not my style. What I do like however, is the look of fast cars, especially sports cars. I wouldn’t necessarily want to drive one everyday, but on the weekends or to blow off some steam. Hell yea!

I like to touch and not just looks, so of course I love to drive them. At one point I wanted to race them, and that’s where I got the idea for the story about a female race car driver. I didn’t know it would become part of my Deadly series set in Cayman until I saw this car.

It’s been parked outside this shopping center for weeks and I drove past it one day while I was driving my friend’s car she’s trying to sell (sports car) and I thought “Wow! What would it be like to drive that car. To race it”. That was my aha moment and the Deadly series was born. Click here for the blurb of Book 1.

Ideas are all around us and they can be overwhelming to keep track of, but don’t let them pass you by. Don’t have a camera on your phone? Buy a small cheap one to keep on you. You won’t regret it.

Other than the obvious journal, how do you capture ideas and store them for the future?