No, I’m not talking about football when I say goal. I’m talking about goals for 2013. In my blog, 2013 I’m kicking your butt, I talked about sharing my goals for this year and making myself accountable to well, you. I actually have a month by month breakdown which is more detailed, but I thought you’d appreciate a summary of the whole year instead. So (drum roll please), here they are:


  1. Setup group for local writers
  2. Publish two books by submitting The Trouble with Soul Mates in April and Deadly Bloodlines in August.
  3. Submit Deadly Series by August
  4. Attend the 2013 RWA conference in July and sit in workshops focused on branding, marketing, writing series, and career, as well as participate in the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing.
  5. Organize paper and electronic writing files by assessing current methods used and updating them to fit new needs by end of March
  6. Create and implement a blogging schedule around my existing writing and promotions schedule using pre-posting options in wordpress and hootsuite by the end of February
  7. Take one online class every quarter that’s craft or promotion related
  8. Improve my techie skills in the areas of: website options, book covers, using videos, and other promotional options
  9. Schedule books signings with Books and Books and Book Nook before July
  10. Enter published works for Golden Heart award in October
  11. Workshop submission for RWA 2014 in October


Goal 1 is completed. I had my first meeting last month with four people. The next meeting is February and the group has grown to seven. I’m very excited!

Goal 4 is nearly complete. I just have to book my plane ticket. I’m signed up for the Literacy Autographing, however I’m on a waiting list.

Goal 7 I’m signed up for a course on marketing with Savvy Authors. Very excited about that one. Who couldn’t use more tips on how to market themselves and their book?

All other goals are in progress except for 6, 8-11.  I’ll post another update once I reach a milestone or I’m closer to the deadline, which will likely be every 1-3 months. I review the calendar that lists my goals by month regularly, and my detailed task list daily and weekly to make sure I’m on track.

Knowing me, these will change several times before the year is up, but it’s okay to be flexible. Life happens, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t met all your goals. The important thing is to complete some and jot down any new ones so you have a sense of accomplishment (and if your memory sucks like mine) for what you did do.

What is your goal(s) for 2013 and what steps are you taking to stay on track?