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It’s a new year. Time for a fresh start, to dust off those dreams, or to regurgitate resolutions from last year that you hope to complete this year. Well this year I’m not going to let procrastination or anything else get in my way. I’m gonna kick butt!

Recently, I participated in a blog hop and I posed the question “what are your goals and how (specifically) you were going to accomplish them.” Out of all the responses posted, only two did what I suggested. Too many times people, myself included, aren’t specific in the goals they want to accomplish for the year or in their lives. Making the resolution ‘I want to lose weight this year’ is not helpful if you don’t spell out what you’re going to do to accomplish that resolution.

I learned this the hard way. I used to set goals for myself like ‘I want to be a published author by 2003’. I kept regurgitating that goal year after year and each year I got no closer. Then in 2008 I decided that enough was enough. I listed specific tasks I needed to accomplish my goal of getting published. Four years later, I made it.

This year, instead of just saying “I’m going to get published” (or whatever your dream is), be specific. List out the things you need to do to make that dream happen. And more importantly don’t get discouraged or give up if you don’t finish every task exactly on your deadline. Take a step back, realign your deadlines, and start again. Keep doing this until you meet your goal or dream. Believe me you won’t regret it.

From January – March I’ll be blogging about setting goals, and getting organized. I hope these tips help you accomplish your goals. I’m also sharing and tracking my own goals, and will be blogging about the progress.

What are your goals/dreams either for this year or long-term? What steps are you taking to make it/them happen. I’d love to hear them.

Photo credit: www.Trullme