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What I learned writing my hometown

When I first started writing people always asked why I didn't write about Cayman. The truth? I write about where the stories and characters take me. I was pleasantly surprised when one of my stories (yes, it did decide) happened in Grand Cayman. Before I knew it, I had a four book series on my [...]

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Three benefits to planning your year

I know what you're thinking. It's May! Why is she talking about planning the year? I'm a big believer that it's never too late and you're never too young or old to start a dream. Therefore, it's not too late to start planning your year. It'll be painless. I promise. ;-) Last year I blogged about my goals [...]

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Why I hated writing my heroine

I like writing characters with sharp wit and humor who fall desperately in love (after a whole lot of trial and error), so imagine my surprise when the hero of my latest release Deadly Bloodlines turned out to be dark, brooding, and down right unlikeable. I tried to lighten her up, but she wouldn't have it. Jeez! Didn't she know [...]

3 tips for breaking out of your writing comfort zone

Before publishing my first book, I had the crazy idea I'd make a name for myself publishing short stories in magazines and contests. What a  joke! Writing a short story was more challenging than a novel. I had several offers to participate in anthologies, but fear of my limitations with short stories stopped me each time. The last time I was [...]

Why I wish my life was a suspense/thriller

I recently read a blog by fellow author, Brea Brown who gave me the idea for this blog post. Hers was geared towards Chick Lit romance because that's what she writes. I write romantic suspense so mine is a lot more fun! Sorry, Brea. :-)   People are often surprised that I ended up writing [...]

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Mystery Book Tour

Happy Thursday. If you like mysteries, I've got a treat for you. Joyce is here to share a few insights and her new book. It’s a pleasure to be here. Today’s requested topic is about writing, in general. So for or those of you who get excited thinking about writing your own novel someday, this blog if [...]

3 benefits of being a romance judge

Earlier this year InD'tale asked me to be a judge for the RONE awards. I wasn't able to participate last year due to writing deadlines, but I was excited to get involved this year. My main reason was to give back to InD'tale Magazine who do so much to help educate and promote authors. The big surprise was the [...]

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Why I love using funky dialect

I live in the Cayman Islands, and even within our three small islands, there's different word usage, dialects, and speech patterns. Caymanians have colorful words and expressions they use for everyday sayings. I wanted to bring that to my Deadly Series and have the sayings shine through the characters and stories. As my critique partner said, [...]

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Are You A Zombie?

One academy awards speech that stuck with me this year was Michael Moore's. He shared how at 16 he nearly committed suicide because he felt different, weird, and didn't fit in. Many students have felt the same at one time or another, myself included. I played sports with the boys and wasn't afraid to get [...]

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Three lessons I learned doing challenges

A new year means our in boxes filling up with endless emails littered with ideas on how to improve our lives in these simple steps. My favorite time of year as I sift through memberships and subscriptions, trashing ones I've done or are outdated. A goal at the top of my list each year, and maybe yours too, [...]

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